Hi friends! I'm Emmett!

I am passionate about knowledge, creativity, and inspiration, to the point of structuring my lifestyle around those things, surrounding myself with anything that will make me smarter, spark a new idea, or motivate me to keep going.

I'm a full time software developer in addition to being a landscape photographer, artist, and of course blogger. I'm an INFJ, a friend and relative, and a Christian. And, probably other things too.

I have many interests and love to try and eventually master a new skill. This blog is an open space where I write about all my interests as I feel inspired to. It's the things on my mind that I want to share.

As such, the topics and publication schedule may vary. If you want to make sure you don't miss anything, you can use the subscribe button in the lower right corner to get new posts delivered to your inbox. Or you can go to blog.emmettbudd.com/new any time go straight to the latest post.

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